We’re here to inspire you to get outside, to be adventurous and discover all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Here you’ll find all things Cascadia – from climbing and hiking to brewing and biking.

Larch & Loon Blog, About Maren Hamilton

She’s a bubbly crafter, cider drinker and tandem bicycle enthusiast. She spends her days working at a big coffee company in Seattle and her nights out with friends exploring the city. She’s peppy, silly and maybe even a little loony at times.

Larch & Loon Blog - About Dustin

He’s a nerd; an engineer by day, working at a naval shipyard. He takes the same scientific approach with his home brewing operation and spends as much free time as possible out in the woods. He’s strong, dynamic and tenacious; and like an alpine larch, usually found at high elevations.

She keeps him busy. He keeps her curious.

As different as we are, we both love the great outdoors, adventures, and snuggling our new puppy.

So if you love adventure and a good beer, you’ll feel right at home here.

Hiking at Rattlesnake Ledge - Larch & Loon Blog

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