DIY Floral Bicycle Basket

I've been biking to work for over a year now and have always wanted to dress my ride up with a beautiful basket. Problem is, they can be pretty spendy. After finding a super sweet DIY version from the lovely gals at The Merrythought, I decided I had to make my own. It was super simple so I hope you'll try it, too!

DIY Floral Bike Basket

What you'll need:

  • Faux flowers, trimmed to the base of the stem
  • Basket, I found mine at Goodwill for $3
  • Glue gun & sticks
  • Leather string or cord
DIY Floral Bike Basket


  1. Lay out your flowers in your preferred design. I started with leaves on the bottom, then layered small flowers over the top, followed by one large peony. 
  2. Get gluing! If you live where it rains and pours like us, pay extra attention to this step.
  3. Loop the leather cord through the basket to secure it to your handlebars and head tube.
  4. Look extra cute while you cruise through town. 
DIY Floral Bike Basket