Why You Need to Move Across The Country All By Yourself

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.

Packing my things and moving across the country was the scariest thing I've ever done...but you should do it, too. 

The day I packed up my trusty Ford Escape and headed west was one of the most terrifying yet exciting days of my life. I was eager for something new and was so full of awe and wonder. It wasn't that I disliked my hometown where I'd spent over 20 years. It was just that I was ready for something different. 

Driving Across The Country - coeur d'alene

I'll be honest, the first month or so was brutal. There were lots of phone calls back home and lots of wondering if I had made the right decision. But it was all worth it. Here's why:

You'll Find Your Own Fun

When you're on your own in a new place, you get to discover everything you want to do. Back home my friends and I had our staple restaurants, our favorite bars and to be honest it had been awhile since I'd tried something unfamiliar. Exploring a new place helped me find my true passions. Little did I know that hiking would become my absolute favorite hobby! And who knew that I'd become an avid cycler? 

The Space Needle through a Schwinn

You'll Make New Friends - and they will be amazing

Let me be clear that they will never replace the bond you have with the girls you've been besties with since Kindergarten, but they will have a lot more in common with you. When you're out discovering your true passions, you'll meet people that have the same interests and hobbies. And when you hang out you get to do things you both love! 

You'll Have a Chance to Reinvent Yourself 

Self-discovery is pretty hard when you never have time to yourself. But when all of a sudden you're in a quiet car traveling west for 20 hours you have all the time in the world. With my brother behind the wheel, I spent hours analyzing my past and preparing for the future. This helped me understand who I truly am and helped me shape my future. 

If you're even considering making a life change like this, I strongly recommend you give it a try. The rewards are truly worth the risk!