We're Engaged! Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement Photos

Flashback to a crisp, cloudy day last December when we had such bad cabin fever we decided to go for a hike even though we knew we'd probably get rained on (that's winters in Seattle for you). Little did I know, Dustin had meticulously chosen Rattlesnake Ledge as he had big plans to ask me a very important question at the top

Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement Photo Shoot

We arrived at the normally busy trailhead and realized we would be some of the only people that braved the weather. It was so gray and blustery when we arrived at the top, the typically stunning view was completely masked. Oblivious to Dustin's plans, I snapped a quick photo and started to head back down the trail. 

Rattle Snake Ledge Engagement Photos
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement Photos
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement Photos - Seattle, WA

We stopped for a quick break on the way down, sat on a log and that's when it happened. I told him I loved hiking with him, rain or shine and his response was, "Do you want to hike with me forever? Will you marry me?"

In total shock I said, "Wait, are you really asking me?"

He pulled a ring out of his pack to confirm and I cried so many happy tears. 

That's why we knew we had to go back to Rattlesnake for our engagement photos. We were lucky enough to work with an absolutely amazing photographer, Joe Tobiason. He made our awkward selves so comfortable and his creativity is what made the images so beautiful. Take a peek and let us know what you think!

Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photography

Since so many people asked, this dress is from Modcloth and it's super comfy!

Pacific Northwest Engagement Photos

Standing in the exact spot where Dustin proposed. Can you believe he picked out this ring all by himself?

Hiking Engagement Photos - Seattle, WA

Joe had the hilarious idea to take some photos of me in my dress but with my hiking boots still on and I LOVE how they turned out.

Seattle Engagement Photography - Rattlesnake Ledge
Engagement Photography at Rattlesnake Ledge
Seattle Engagement Photos

You can't get a better view than this. 

PNW engagement photos
Pacific Northwest Engagement Photos
Pacific Northwest Engagement Photography

Big thanks to Joe for capturing us in our element. I was an amazing experience - I mean we basically got to hug and kiss and laugh and smile all day. Can't wait to see what you create for our wedding!